Star Wars: To Overcome
Directed by

Christopher Walker
Nathan P. Butler

Produced by Steve Fluharty
Written by Christopher Walker
Distributed by Ear Candy
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Krista Kolesar
Steve Mollmann
Michael Sheridan
Christopher Walker
Michael Smith
Amy Ferrell
Steve Fluharty
Nathan P. Butler

Music by John Williams
Release Date(s) February 1, 2004
Running Time 13 minutes
Timeline 0 BBY (?)
Era Rebellion
Series Anthology
Preceded by No Way Out
Followed by None

Star Wars: To Overcome is a journey through the mind of one young man as he struggles with many of the deeper things of life: service to country; family; death.

Some people may be tempted to view this tale as allegorical to the situation in Iraq as it stands as of now, February 2004. But they would be mistaken as to the writer's intention. This is not a piece about the horrors of war, and makes no anti-war or pro-war statements except within the context of philosophy. Some wars must be fought. Period. And to make this audio drama representative of anything but would be an insult to those who made its release possible.

Rather, this tale is about the personal journey of one young man. Christopher originally wrote the piece that gave birth to this audio play to give himself an outlet to work through one of his worst fears, that of being drafted to serve in the military, and, through such service, possible death.

To a farmboy from Kansas, who would rather have nothing to do with any sort of violence at all, that can be a pretty scary thought. Vulnerabilities and personal insights are shared through the writing and Steve Fluharty's mixing that are not typically shared in today's society. And thus what you will find in this piece is a deeply personal tale that has led this writer to a sense of peace in the face of an uncertain future.

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