Valkan's Rayzurs
Affiliation(s) New Republic
Members Jaren Valkan (CO)

Lanas Zlauter (XO)

Lolat Gastun


Jivs Korus

Shista Ti'lana

Pol Danna

Creators Nathan P. Butler

Devon Read

First Appearance Second Strike
Other Appearances None

Valkan's Rayzurs is a Special Operations unit featured in the Rayzur's Edge Audio drama Star Wars: Second Strike.


Formed by Jaren Valkan as a Rebel Alliance Special Ops team two years after the Battle of Yavin, Valkan's Rayzurs (named for a nocturnal predator on Chornia VI) operated for the Alliance (and later, the New Republic) for over three years, taking part in several major missions, including the Battle of Bakura.

The first member of the Rayzurs to be recruited by Valkan was Lanas Zlauter, who joined immediately, but the team was not considered complete until shortly before the Battle of Endor, when Jivs Korus joined. Along with Klo'pa'deen, Shista Ti'lana, and Pol Danna, the Rayzurs participated in the Battle of Bakura, which remains one of the team's shining moments. As the battle with the Ssi-ruuk ended, though, the Rayzurs' Imperial "allies" during the battle turned on them, killing the team's slicer, Danna.

The team would have its slicer position filled by the young Lolat Gastun two months later, and the revised roster would remain the team's make-up until their mission to strike at the FlashDeath bioweapon project on Ferri'sol. During that terrible confrontation, all members of the Rayzurs, except Valkan himself, were killed. Valkan never reconstituted the Rayzurs after the events on Ferri'sol.

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